You Look Great


You Look Great is Justin's first short film as a writer, director, and filmmaker. Inspired by his personal experiences with eating disorders, Justin plays Peter (an average guy struggling with his weight), whose body shame pushes him further than ever before in pursuit of complete control. 

Using dark comedy, You Look Great is an unflinching, intimate look into our addictions, obsessions, and self-consciousness. The narrative follows Peter over the course of 24 hours, offering a realistic insight into a strangely unrepresented story: that of a man fighting to hide his unhealthy relationship with his body.

From home, to work, to simply walking down the street, we watch as Peter battles an all-consuming illness, one bent on isolating him from every part of his waking life.

Shot in November 2017 and completed in 2018, this production was made possible via the You Look Great team's tireless work on Seed&Spark (a film-exclusive crowdfunding platform and streamable service), as well as their push to start some very hard but very necessary conversations across social media. 


As a part of their outreach efforts, the team released daily interviews on Instagram with men and women of all ages, professions, and ethnicities about their experiences with food, exercise, body criticism, and beauty standards. Notable subjects included Seth Barrish of the Barrow Group, novelist Sarah Gerard, actress/writer Angela Gulner (BINGE the series), Ryan Sheldon of Binge Eater Confessions, and Edward Wirscher of the Human Happiness ProjectA special collaboration with mental health advocate/fashion designer/artist Michelle Hammer of Schizophrenic.NYC included a guest blog written by justin, as well as a photoshoot for her DONT BE PARANOID line

While Justin and the team were absolutely thrilled by the success of their campaign, it's the community that formed and rallied behind You Look Great that made all of the long days and sleepless nights worthwhile. Your stories are our stories, and the team hopes that this film will serve as proof that it's time for us all to talk openly and compassionately about mental health.

No one has to suffer in silence. 

For more information, please visit You Look Great's social media below, as well as Justin's UPDATES section. Questions and press inquiries can be directed to

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