Workplace Woes @ NY Shorts Fest

Workplace Woes: Alex Covington (Danny), Myself (Connor), Michael Pizzano (Writer/Director)

I'm way, WAY behind on updates, but running a crowdfunding campaign on top of the usual NYC actor grind (and one's own existential woes) will do that. So I apologize. I hope you still love me. That said, I PROMISE there are amazing You Look Great and career/website updates on the horizon, so stay with me! In the meantime, let me tell you about the pretty mofos up top! Say hello to Alex Covington and Michael Pizzano, just some of the amazing collaborators behind the office comedy short Workplace Woes: Scavengers Among Us. I had the pleasure of working with these two killer artists last summer -- and all of our hard work paid off big time this past Wednesday.

We had the privilege of screening this 15-minute beauty as a part of the NY Shorts International Film Festival at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, alongside dozens of incredible films from all around the world. Not only that, but this was my first time watching any of my work on the big screen, in a legit theater. And I gotta tell ya -- what a fucking rush. Seeing my round, goober-y face up there, making people laugh -- it was exactly the reaffirmation and levity I needed after what's been a very taxing couple of months. So a big thank you to Michael Pizzano and producer Lindsey Stein for not only inviting me to bring this awesome, zany story to life, but also for their incredibly generous contributions to You Look Great! You two are amazing. Can't wait to see where our work lands us next!

David Bemis (I Hate That), Michael Pizzano, and Lindsey Stein (Producer, Workplace Woes)