She Came From the Woods

This weekend, I had the insane pleasure of working with Emmy winner Erik Bloomquist (actor/writer/director behind Cobblestone Corridor) and his incredible team on She Came From the Woods -- my first horror short! We had two intense overnights at a sleep-away camp in deep Connecticut, and I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the magic we conjured up during that time. From the inspired costuming and makeup, to the gorgeous photography, to the fresh, clever story and the talented cast that brought it to life, the passion driving this project is something to behold.

Truly, I couldn't be more grateful to call these amazing artists friends and collaborators, and I really hope we get the chance to work together again. So while we wait for this gem to get edited and hit the festival circuit, I'm gonna go fix my sleep schedule and gear up for several other projects that are in the works. Details coming soon!