Looking Back, Looking Forward

Sorry for the huge delay! A landslide of holidays, projects, and a long, unexpected cold kept me away. But enough excuses.

What a year! I am forever grateful for the friends, family, and artists who continue to support my personal and creative growth. You make my work, ideas, and heart SO much better. Yes, the grind can be exhausting, but you have kept me going all along the way, and as a result, 2016 has been infinitely rewarding. My hunger to create is at an all-time high, and I'm happy to say that 2017 is looking like it's gonna be bonkers -- in a good way.

Here are some quick recent career updates that make this goof smile from ear to ear:

- I was recently interviewed by Backstage about getting cast in my first feature film, Myth. The piece is featured both online AND in their print magazine! So crazy!

- I will be be performing in the NOW Collective's inaugural show, Apartment Complex, this week. It's a night of original short plays that follows a decade of changing tenants in the same NYC apartment, and I promise you -- it's gonna be a lot of fun. Tickets here!

- I made my TV debut on Investigation Discovery's A Crime to Remember in a supporting role. The episode is season 4, episode 5, and the title is The Gentleman Killer. I'm the hotel clerk about 30 minutes in -- watch here!

- I am in the middle of producing my first ever short film. It's a hard story to tell -- it hits very close to home -- but I'm hopeful that my experiences can help start a necessary conversation. There's a lot still in process, but believe me when I say that the stars have aligned for this one. So many beautiful, talented people have come together in my journey to make this a reality, and with their love, support, and artistry behind me, you can expect some very big things this to pick up this spring.

- The picture for this blog post comes from a photoshoot coordinated by my friend Blaize Hall during her holiday trip to NYC, which was her first time back since moving to LA. With all the craziness in the world and the turbulent way 2016 ended, Blaize wanted to put a little happiness back out there, so she grabbed me, Arielle Beth, and Therese Dizon and brought us out to the Highline so we could let loose and have fun. Can't thank her enough for all the silly photos and long heartfelt conversations during her stay. Come back soon!

Looks like that's it for now, but there's definitely a lot more in the works -- as always. Stay tuned!